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Dr Lorna Brokenshire-Dyke

Equine Veterinary Surgeon and

Equine Veterinary Physiotherapist








Promoting movement through freedom and balance

equal, equally (Latin) 

free, unrestricted (Latin) 

balance (French) 


In her own words...

"Horses have been my passion since I was nine years old and I have been so incredibly lucky to be able to carve a career out of my childhood hobby. I have worked with some of the very best clinicians and horse people and continue to learn so much from my colleagues and peers. But for me it has always been all about the horse and I am privileged to have worked with almost every type of horse through a career spanning several decades. From dressage horses, to showjumpers and eventers; from Suffolk horses to Konik ponies; from cobs, donkeys and Shetland ponies to Arab and Thoroughbred racehorses. I once even treated a Grevy's zebra and a Somali wild ass! They have all taught me something. I truly believe every equid deserves the same excellence in care tailored to their own unique needs.

"As a horse owner and rider myself it's important I give clients what I would expect from a fellow professional. Clients tell me I am conscientious and thorough, approachable, kind and compassionate. But above all, I deliver results. I invest heavily in knowledge and have spent more years than I care to count training at degree level and beyond. But knowledge is nothing without experience, and, whilst I continue to learn from the people and animals in my life, I am grateful to be at a stage of my career where I also have a wealth of experience to share.

"Clients in particular appreciate the fact that I am both a veterinary surgeon and a veterinary physiotherapist. I now find it hard to separate the two and having the training in both areas certainly makes me stronger in each. Combining these two disciplines gives me a broader perspective than I had earlier in my career - but it also opens up even more areas that I want to explore... 

"This really is more than a job for me. My profession is my passion!"


Lorna is both a practising equine veterinary surgeon and a practising equine veterinary physiotherapist. She qualified with a degree in Veterinary Medicine in 2009 from the University of Cambridge and completed two internships at Rossdales Hospital and Diagnostic Centre, Exning before helping to establish their new ambulatory practice, Rossdales Hertfordshire. Lorna then had a short period of locuming when her twin boys were infants before settling into private practice. She was Equine Director at Hawkedon Vets in Suffolk for six years before re-joining Rossdales Newmarket as an Associate within their sports and leisure horse ambulatory team. Prior to this she completed a degree in Equine Studies at Warwickshire College and has worked and competed in numerous equine disciplines. She works three days a week as a veterinary surgeon for Rossdales Newmarket


Lorna has a particular interest in orthopaedic and poor performance investigations, rehabilitation following injury and performance maintenance of sports and leisure horses. As a veterinary surgeon she felt her knowledge regarding targeted musculoskeletal therapy and rehabilitation was limited and, frustrated by the inconsistent quality of equine musculoskeletal therapy available, she decided to gain her own training, qualifications and experience. Lorna is now a fully qualified Veterinary Physiotherapist having successfully completed a two-year Postgraduate Diploma in Veterinary Physiotherapy. She further progressed her qualifications and training with an MSc in Veterinary Physiotherapy at Writtle University.


Lorna Brokenshire-Dyke Veterinary Surgeon Veterinary Physiotherapist

Lorna is fully insured and is both on the Register of Animal Musculoskeletal Practitioners (RAMP) and a member of the National Association of Veterinary Physiotherapists (NAVP).


Lorna is able to see registered Rossdales clients for physiotherapy assessment during her working days at Rossdales - currently Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please contact the Rossdales office here to book an appointment. Treatments for registered Rossdales clients strictly involving electrotherapies can be booked through Equilibre here.


Lorna occasionally has space for a limited number of non-Rossdales clients for physiotherapy assessment, treatment, maintenance and rehabilitation. Appointments can be requested directly through Equilibre or following referral by your own veterinary surgeon. As a qualified veterinary surgeon Lorna is legally permitted to make a veterinary assessment and diagnosis. However, for horses receiving active treatment related to a clinical condition, rather than maintenance therapy, Lorna will - with your permission - liaise directly with your own veterinary surgeon to ensure appropriate continuity of clinical care.

Professional Membership

Lorna Brokenshire-Dyke


Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons

MRCVS (member) 2009

Register of Animal Musculoskeletal Practitioners

MRAMP (member) 2022

National Association of Veterinary Physiotherapists

MNAVP (member) 2022

British Equine Veterinary Association

BEVA (member) 2007


Writtle University College

2023 MSc Veterinary Physiotherapy

2022 PGDip Veterinary Physiotherapy

University of Cambridge

2010 MA Medical and Veterinary Sciences

2009 VetMB Veterinary Medicine

2006 BA Medical and Veterinary Sciences

Warwickshire College/Coventry University

2000 BA (Hons) Equine Studies

2000 LCGI Equine Management

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