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Physiotherapy can help maximise physical function and movement in sports and performance horses.


Modern sports horses are athletes where fully physical function and mobility are vital for every discipline, from dressage horses, to show ponies, to three-day event horses. Physiotherapy can help maximise musculoskeletal performance through the correct development of the strength, stability and suppleness required for our elite athletes.

Bespoke plans can be built around an athlete's training and competition schedule ensuring optimum timing of benefits.

Our performance physiotherapy packages, as part of an integrated approach, can help:

  • Increase joint range of motion

  • Increase protraction, stride length and flight arc

  • Promote full cervical and spinal flexibility and comfort

  • Enhance lumbar and sacroiliac strength and resilience

  • Improve hindlimb propulsion and engagement

  • Reduce areas of muscular tension, hypertonicity and myofascial trigger points

  • Strengthen core abdominal muscles improving core muscle control

  • Condition bone density and tendon and ligament resilience

  • Identify subtle asymmetries or sub-clinical lamenesses, allowing early veterinary intervention

  • Improve balance, straightness and freedom of gait

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