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Physiotherapy for rehabilitation


Physiotherapy is excellent for rehabilitation cases through promotion of musculoskeletal restoration. Physiotherapy can be helpful in the rehabilitation of almost every musculoskeletal condition, however it can be of particular benefit in the following cases:

  • Pain, tension and restriction in the neck and the back

  • Impinging dorsal spinous processes (kissing spines)

  • Sacroiliac and lumbar disorders

  • Arthritis

  • Osteochondrosis

  • Tendinopathies (tendon disorders)

  • Desmopathies (ligament disorders) including proximal suspensory desmopathy

  • Neuropathies (nerve dysfunction)

  • Muscle disorders including strains, tears and atrophy

It can also be really helpful for horses restricted to box rest, eg due to laminitis or because of a fracture, and their progressive recovery. With the help of electrotherapies, physiotherapy can help promote healing of specific tissues:

  • Myofascial trigger points

  • Wounds

  • Bone

  • Muscle

  • Tendons

  • Ligaments

  • Neurologic atrophy

Under The Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966 only qualified and registered veterinary surgeons can diagnose and treat animals, and give advice based on this, as these are all considered acts of veterinary surgery. This means that, when an animal has pathology (lameness and/or musculoskeletal pain) physiotherapists can only work as part of a vet-led team under the direction of a veterinary surgeon, ie. permission must be given to treat. This is NOT required for provision of maintenance or performance services in healthy animals.

At Equilibre, Lorna, our equine veterinary physiotherapist, is also a qualified, registered and practising veterinary surgeon. This makes navigating the legislation considerably easier and gives clients a truly complete approach to musculoskeletal assessment and treatment. As a qualified veterinary surgeon Lorna is legally permitted to make a veterinary assessment and diagnosis. However, for horses receiving active treatment related to a clinical condition, rather than maintenance therapy, Lorna will - with your permission - liaise directly with your own veterinary surgeon to ensure appropriate continuity of clinical care.

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