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Dynamic assessment

The dynamic assessment is a very important part of the physiotherapy service we provide. The way a horse moves and uses his/her body tells us so much about their natural movement patterns and any gait adaptations they have adopted in response to imbalance, weakness or pain.

As an equine vet, Lorna is well placed to identify and understand underlying clinical pathology that is driving musculoskeletal dysfunction and altered biomechanical patterns. All initial consultations will typically include examining the horse in-hand at walk and trot in a straight line from three directions. Our dynamic assessment is thorough and comprehensive and provides an opportunity to examine the horse for lameness, asymmetry or neurologic dysfunction. Depending on the individual case, further examination may be required including comparison of movement across different surfaces, dynamic assessment of three gaits on the lunge or long lines, ridden assessment or more focussed neurological tests. This is when information supplied prior to the appointment can be really helpful so that we can schedule extra time for any additional examination required.

***Equilibre*** Bespoke equine veterinary physiotherapy from a qualified veterinary surgeon and veterinary physiotherapist. Promoting movement through freedom and balance.

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