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Gorgeous George wins our Spring Competition

We really enjoyed meeting Gorgeous George yesterday! George is the winner of our Spring Competition and received a free physiotherapy assessment, treatment and performance plan. In return we were able to shoot a great collection of stock photos that we can use to illustrate the work we do and specific physiotherapeutic techniques. It can be difficult to get good photos in regular sessions so it was great to take a photographer along so that they could focus on the shots whilst we focus on the horse. This is George demonstrating his fantastic flexibility with baited neck stretches, an exercise which not only benefits the cervical spine and neck muscles, but really asks the horse to engage his core abdominal muscles. We’ve got several hundred photos to work through so expect to see more of our Gorgeous George in the future. He was a wonderful model for sure. A big thank you to his person Lyndsey for allowing us to work with him.

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