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The importance of a good history

Everything starts here. In order to fully understand any current issues, a full and thorough history is essential. It can be helpful when new clients send through a summary of their aims and concerns prior to the first appointment. All our contact details can be found here. This means that we can arrive with some understanding already in place, making our first appointment more time efficient for assessment and treatment.

Things that are useful to know include: how long you have had your horse, what you do with him/her, what you would like do or achieve with him/her ie your goals. Do you have any specific competitive plans and the timeline for this. What your horse’s current workload is. Are there any current veterinary concerns or lameness issues, or significant past veterinary concerns, including medical or surgical interventions. Are there any performance issues. What your horse’s temperament is and whether there have been any recent behaviour changes. So many things may be relevant, if you think something might be important, do let us know; nobody knows your horse better than you. We are experienced in sorting out all the necessary useful information from our consultation and using it to best inform how we work with you. Every horse and rider combination is unique and so is the service we provide to you.

***Equilibre*** Bespoke equine veterinary physiotherapy from a qualified veterinary surgeon and veterinary physiotherapist. Promoting movement through freedom and balance.

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